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Increasing Physical Activity Through Community Design 2010 Update

Source: National Center for Bicycling & Walking
This guide tells you how to help create places for people to walk and bicycle.
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Walking and Cycling to Health

Source: American Journal of Public Health
This study sought to determine the magnitude, direction, and statistical significance of the relationship between active travel and rates of physical activity, obesity, and diabetes.
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The Hidden Health Costs of Transportation

Source: American Public Health Association (APHA)
Health impacts and costs have typically not been considered in the transportation policy, planning, and decision-making process however, existing research can be used to estimate these impacts and costs.
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Street Design: Part 1 - Complete Streets

Source: Federal Highway Administration
From policy statements to programs and planning, opportunities abound for improving the accessibility of the transportation system for all users.
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Active Transportation in Urban Areas

Source: National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health
The aim of this document is to provide Canadian policy makers, transportation engineers and urban planners with an overview of the potential health benefits and risks of active transportation.
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State Indicator Report on Physical Activity 2010

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The 2010 State Indicator Report provides information on physical activity behavior and policy and environmental supports within each state.
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Pedestrian Safety Guidelines

Source: Carson Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO)
The primary goal of these guidelines is to offer recommendations on how to enhance the pedestrian safety within the CAMPO area.
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Cool Pedestrian Environments

This website is a resource for pedestrian planning, design, and safety documents, and includes web links to other resources.
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CDC Transportation Recommendations

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
These policy recommendations include promoting active transportation options, such as walking and bicycling, for improving health and quality of life.
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Physical Activity and Children and Adolescents

Source: Georgetown University Maternal and Child Health Library
This resource outlines high-quality resources that analyze data, describe public health campaigns and other promotion programs, and report on research aimed at identifying strategies for increasing physical activity.
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