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New Community Design to the Rescue

Source: National Governor's Association
This paper discusses the merits of New Community Design (NCD) and the ability of NCD to end sprawl and improve community health.
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Active Living Research Briefing

Source: Active Living Research
This summary is an overview of peer-reviewed research from health, transportation, and recreation literature about active living and activity-friendly environments.
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Walking as a Way of Life

Source: Partnership for a Walkable America
This FHWA Insight article discusses the benefits of walking on the health of older pedestrians.
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Trends in Walking for Transportation in the United States, 1995 and 2001

Source: Preventing Chronic Disease, Public Health Research, Practice, and Policy
This study examines trends in walking for transportation among U.S. adults and youth
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The Economic Benefits of Trails

Source: American Hiking Society
This fact sheet descirbes the economic benefits of trails. It finds that the presence of trails encourages the growth of "clean" industries and businesses, helps increase the property values of surrounding lots,
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Take 30

Source: The Rambler's Association
This booklet is a practicle guide to walking to improve health and well being. Topics include statistics on physical activity and health, case studies of walkers, tips for walking with children, a 10-
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Relationship Between Urban Sprawl and Physical Activity, Obesity, and Morbidity

Source: American Journal of Health Promotion, Vol 18.1
This ecologic study reveals that urban form could be significantly associated with some forms of physical activity and some health outcomes.
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Protect Your Child's Head

Source: California Department of Health Services
This full-color flyer demonstrates how to properly fit a bicycle helmet on a child's head. This is also available in Spanish.
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Promoting Safe Walking and Cycling to Improve Public Health: Lessons from The Netherlands and Germany

Source: American Journal of Public Health, Vol 93.9
This report examines the public health consequences of unsafe and inconvenient walking and bicycling conditions in American cities and suggest improvements based on successful policies in The Netherlands and Germany.
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Pedestrian Safety Handbook (Spanish)

Source: San Francisco Department of Public Health
This Spanish-language handbook contains information on pedestrian safety in the San Francisco area. Includes a primer on pedestrian crashes, myths and facts about pedestrian safety, signage, what to do if one is involved in a crash,
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